Lightning network
Cross-chain compatible SDK

The big block 8 m

Encryption privacy protection

Support isolation validation

Support for replay protection

consensus mechanism

High expansibility
Zero knowledge proof

Support for smart contracts
And various virtual hosts

Road map


At the corresponding block height, we began our innovation experiment.


The main network is online, release wallet, open QBTC recharge transfer.


On-line intelligent contract platform and experiment.


Try to publish new blockchain assets and do SDK compatibility application research.

In 2019-2020

Basically complete the construction of the quantum bitcoin ecosystem platform and carry out experiments on various application scenarios.

Application scenario

Financial services

Internet of things

Supply chain financing

Medical and health care

Public welfare charity

Cultural entertainment

Education copyright

Social management

Our team

The founder of QBTC project is the founder of the coin circle elephant miner, CEO of coinage network, zhang jianguo, the founder of CBCC, a Chinese blockchain club, and the cremains believer of bitcoin and blockchain. Mining network resource is rich, owns a strong operating team and technology research and development team, including technology research and development team is composed of the currency technology geek, code, an expert in the DASH COINS, etheric fang technology researchers, such as mineral pool of experts, the team members has a deep research on the currency and bold attempt, rigorous seriously.


What is quantum bitcoin QBTC?
A great BTC innovation bifurcation experiment: QBTC to insert a pair of free-flying wings for bitcoin. QBTC, short for Quantum Bitcoin, Chinese name: Quantum Bitcoin. Combined with superior properties of quantum chain, for the first time introduced new frontier block even the technology to the currency chain on bold attempt, she would be quantum COINS technical team in BTC provids a great innovation on bifurcate experiment. We are aiming to open up a new world of bitcoin, creating a more innovative, practical and disruptive quantum bitcoin system. Future QBTC will have new features, such as lightning to the account, encrypt user privacy privilege, lower transaction fees, large block 8 m expansion, replay protection, support isolation validation (SegWit), DAA difficulty adjustment mechanism. The founding team is confident of completing the above features. In the continuous innovation experiment, we will also boldly try the consensus mechanism of POW+ POS. The mid-term experiment will try to be compatible with various virtual machines, including Ethernet, and convert POW into PoS consensus mechanism to provide more possibilities for commercial application and distributed mobile applications. With the innovation of the project, we will try to join the Turing complete intelligent contract (from the etheric fang innovation) and create a new block chain on main chain QBTC assets and applications, to build a super smart and highly scalable quantum COINS ecosystem. The commercial value of quantum bitcoin is our ultimate goal, and that's why we created quantum bitcoin. All the blockchain projects that have not been applied to the ground are a flash in the pan, a frothy bubble hoax. The quantum bitcoin team will work hard to get the project done. After the QBTC ecosystem is improved and stable, we will develop more application scenarios on its platform. For example, development can connect the SDK of other public chains, break the chain and chain, and establish good correlation and compatibility. Quantum COINS at the same time the ecological system will support financial services, Internet of things, the supply chain, health care, social management and public welfare charity, culture, entertainment, education rights such as the development of application scenarios.
QBTC time node and allocation proportion?
QBTC will split the corresponding block height on December 28, 2017, and drop the candy to all bitcoin users according to the 1:1 ratio of bitcoins. If you want QBTC to switch bitcoin to a candy bar, don't let others move your cheese.
What are the new experimental features of QBTC?
Lightning network, large blocks of 8 m, encrypt privacy protection, support isolation, support the replay protection, innovation POW + POS consensus mechanism, zero knowledge proof, high expansibility, intelligent support contracts and all kinds of virtual host, cross chain is compatible with the SDK.
What is the total number of QBTC?
The total number of QBTC is 2121 thousand, of which 210,000 are pre-dug.
The purpose of the pre-excavation.
210,000 QBTC is mainly used for project application promotion and construction of the community, encouraging early developers, building QBTC ecological circle and QBTC foundation to operate. An innovative project requires the support of funds for good development. We know the hard work of research and development. Take it to QBTC and use it in the community.